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Curse Walk

by Shaboi

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duskfall A really fun and eclectic short album, perfect for those Halloween vibes! Favorite track: All Saints Day.
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Curse Walk (free) 03:14
I've got to walk these woods alone, past a graveyard to get home. Sun's going down, the shadows getting long, I hear the whippoorwill sing its song. In the dark my eyes adjust, but what I see I do not trust. A twisted face in an old dead tree, with weeping eyes he stares at me. Wait, what's that sound behind my back, could someone be following my tracks? I look around and there's no one there, but there's laughter in the air. I was not a superstitious man, but when a gypsy grabbed my hand, her face went pale and she stepped away. "My Son, you're cursed," she said to me, "Your fate is sealed nowhere to flee, you'll die tonight if not this very day." Day is gone and night is here, and though I'm scared my goal is clear. I have to make it home alive, to rid this curse and survive - But that graveyard is near and I'm crippled with fear, I see the tombstones around the bend. And the voices of doom sing and eerie tune that carries in the wind. Well I run through the graveyard as fast as I can, and something reaches out and grabs my hand. It's the gypsy from this afternoon, but now she's got a cat and a broom - And she lunges a me with the crazy eyes, I push her back and to my surprise, She falls feet first in an open grave, i think my life just got saved. Well I made it home without a scratch, I closed the door and turned the latch, and when I catch my breath I'll be ok. Looking out the window to ease my mind, I see a light back in the pines, and it looks like it's heading this way.
Curse Rock (free) 01:31
I got ghouls in my closet, I got ghosties pourin' out my faucet, I got a beat you can't stop it. I'm too scared, man, I gotta drop it. Fifteen tentacles, all identical - I'm the tippy-top, I'm the pinnacle of fear, lend me your ear - on second thought let me throw it to Amir. I got more rhythm than rhythm's got rap, a rap rhyme beat rhyme beat rap rap. I got more words than words' got wisdom, I told it to that ghoul and I ain't even knowed him. Don't count your claws before they've scratched, and you don't see my plans before they've hatched. I'm a medical doctor, someone get a proctor, there's been a murder - I didn't mean to hurt her! Rapsylvania '88, you know what the deal is, Rapsylvania '88, you know where the thrill is. Jackie Joyner Kersee couldn't catch this flow, Rod J. Serling couldn't write this show, Edger Allen Poe couldn't deal this blow, bring on the ghoul that wants to go toe to toe. Undead hobos suckin' on witch toes, which way the wind blows, let you watch my beats flow. Dang! Look at all them witches, got more paunch than a ghoul's got stitches, casting her she spells with her she smells, ringing my he bells - 'til I he yell. Rapsylvania '88, you know what the deal is, Rapsylvania '88, you know where the thrill is. (Ok, I'm not a werewolf. But I will eat you. I will claw at your skin and eat you. I will do that - I promise.) Witch.
Please step in to my laboratory, are you in the mood to get exploratory? Take off your clothes and put on this gown. You look tired, go ahead, lie down. Don't be anxious, don't be nervous, you're doing mankind a tremendous service. What I do is in the name of science, I thanks you kindly for your compliance. Hold still while I find a vein, I won't lie, you'll feel some pain. Ah! That's got it and if I'm correct, it should only be a moment to take effect. Shaking and screaming is to be expected, it's true this potion's not perfected. Look at yourself, you're starting to change - oh dear Lord, you look so strange! (Stay away from me!) Now look what you did mother fiznak, you toad lookin' creepy little hunch back. A minute ago I was a beautiful girl, you stuck me with a needle and changed my whole world. Maiden to monster, I'm a disgrace - you best believe I'm gonna bite you in the face (So sorry) It's too late for your repentance, the verdict is in and death is the sentence.
Gozer's Boombox (free) 00:56
I Just Met a Ghoul (free) 00:39
I just met a ghoul, she's mean as she can be. She got no mouth and her eye's are crossed but she sure looks good to me. She slithers like a slug and smells like a bag of mulch. She's form Nashville, Tennessee - I met her in the Gulch.
I Once Knew a Ghoul (free) 02:08
These dark and stormy nights, they bring me down - whenever I'm alone. And since she left this haunted house, well it just ain't a home. It's been thirteen days she since she up and decided to slither out the door. And that trail of ooze she left behind reminds me, she ain't here anymore. I once knew a ghoul, she treated me unkind. She treated me so cruel, but Lord I didn't mind. I miss her crooked eyes even though it was impossible to see - if she was starin' blankly at the wall, or if she was makin' eyes at me. I know she loved me in her own sick way even if it didn't show. But without a mouth for her to say, well i guess I'll never know. I once knew a ghoul, she treated me unkind. She treated me so cruel, but Lord I didn't mind.
This year Halloween fell on a weekend, it's Shaboi and Cadence trick-or-treatin'. I seen a dope-head in the street freakin', clothes all ripped and his breath was reekin.' I said, "Hey homeboy, head for shelter," he turned around lookin' like helter skelter. He was on some of that walking undead shit, he looked me dead in the face and he said this: "I used to be a dope rapper just like you, then I got shot by a rival crew. I was belly in the ground and the dirt hadn't settled, before i went down to hell and made a deal with the devil. Covered in blood i crept out of the crypt, feelin' like I had a new sixteen to rip, and I mean to get my revenge on the haters, who shot me the one dude's name was Cadence." I looked at Josh and he looked at me, and both took off runnin' down the street, tryin' to get away from the undead dude, who was tryin' to turn our grey matter into head food. Hell nah, I aint goin' out like that - I stopped in my tracks and I turned right back, and I asked Josh are we mice or men? I killed him once and I'll do it again. Here comes a freaky zombie man now - I hit him in his undead face like "pow!" I ain't ever had no hesitation, Z-O-M-B decapitation. That right there is a demonstration, of why y'all shouldn't never fuck with Cadence, and how he made the whole damn rap game hopeless when he spit his dopest Halloween opus.
Hit the Town (free) 02:19
Don't wake me up, 'til the sun goes down, I'm not to be disturbed when I'm six feet underground. But when the stars are bright, and the moon is out - I'll hit the town. I'm gonna brush my teeth and fangs, I'm gonna slick back my bangs, I'm gonna put on a cape and fly out the door. And then I'm gonna do, like old Nosferatu - I'm gonna find a girl, and then I'm gonna hunt her down. Yeah it's the kind of thing you'll see, when a creature of the night like me hits the town. It's the sort of thing you'll hear, when a woman screams in the night well you'll know I'm near.
All Saints Day (free) 02:55
I've roamed this world for two-hundred years, a harmless ghost that's forever feared. Death took my body, but it left my soul, a drifting shadow on an aimless stroll. One-hundred and fifty years ago to the day, they put me in a coffin and they carried me away. I expected I'd be going to Heaven or Hell, led a life of contradictions so really couldn't tell. But I seeped from the ground like a puff of smoke, a full torso apparition, a ghost, no joke. I've been hangin' around here ever since, forbidden to cross this old graveyard fence. I've roamed this world for two-hundred years, a harmless ghost that's forever feared. All of my loved one's have passed from this place, me I'm still passing, still praying for grace. Right after I died people came and went, I got a few visits and some flowers got sent. But at time passed by, friends passed on, I'm still watin' around, still singin' my song. When the wind whistles through the graveyard trees, you best believe the sound you hear is me. Up on the hill I go nothin' but time, countless years to perfect my rhyme. My prayer is that someday, I'll see the light and fly away. And leave this earthly place, to find peace in outer space.


This album is best experienced through headphones or in a hearse.

Thanks to all my friends willing to sully their reputation by participating in this outlandish album. Shorty Tall Small for co-writing one of the best tracks and creating incredible artwork for the CD. Matt Elam for allowing me to include "Undead Headcheck" which he lyricized in about an hour last year with no preparation! Keith Parish and Ashley Fisher, two exceptionally talented musicians who added 300% polish to their respective songs. Karla for being the ultimate teammate and ego booster. And fore-mostly Michael Eades who is gracious enough to host/post the songs, not to mention wrangle the packaging and keep my asp in gear to finish a Halloween album before Thanksgiving.

Please mark this album as gapless.

produced by Shaboi
yk records 004


released October 13, 2009

All tracks written and recorded by Shaboi except "Rapsylvania '88" co-written by Shorty Tall Small and "Undead Headcheck" with lyrics by Cadence.

Featuring Keith Parish on piano "Curse Walk", Shorty Tall Small vocals "Rapsylvania '88", Ashley Fisher fiddle "I Once Knew a Ghoul", and Cadence vocals "Undead Headcheck."

artwork by Shorty Tall Small



all rights reserved



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